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Our mission

We will prove "Looking good does not always mean looking expensive"

We are proud to present you our collection of luxury, classy, fine jewelry. We have carefully selected unique and exclusive jewelry pieces, which are embraced by the crystals and other precious gems of the highest quality. These pieces will enhance your elegance and bring the latest trends to your wardrobe. 
-Mateo Balošić, Founder

Our Story

Guerilla Choice continues to grow and procuves innovative pieces. Our focus is to be one of the best jewelry brand in the world as we grow and reach new heights in the artisan jewelry world. Guerilla Choice became not just a name, but a brand in 2020, offering timeless jewelery to women who wanted something wearable. Portion of our proceeds goes directly to the Artist that made your piece. 

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We always strive to excite and surprise you.

We will continue to put our customer at the heart of everything we do and always strive to excite and surprise you. We know there's no better feeeling than opening "that" box to reveal your new GC piece. 

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Premium materials

80% of the jewelry is crafted in vermeil a thick 18K Gold layer on 925 Sterling Silver. Everything has to come together perfectly, and nothing is overlooked. 

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HandMade with love

Most of our jewelry is handcrafted by our expert artisans around the world.

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365 days Warranty

Every piece comes with our 365 days warranty

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