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Lumière 18 Carat White Gold Emerald Necklace

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Guerilla Choice Lumière 18 Carat White Gold Emerald Necklace- Unveil the splendor of our Lumière Emerald Necklace, a vision of regal sophistication and modern elegance. This captivating 18 Carat White Gold necklace, graced with a 0.35CT emerald, embodies the allure of nature's most enchanting hues. The emerald, renowned for its deep green essence, is meticulously cut and set to showcase its vibrant life and luxurious depth. Encircling this central gem is a halo of pristine diamonds, totaling 0.054CT, each one selected for its exceptional clarity and brilliance. The delicate gold chain is designed to sit gracefully at the collarbone, ensuring that the pendant remains the focal point of admiration. This necklace isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a statement of timeless beauty, perfect for special occasions or adding a touch of sophistication to any attire. Let the Lumière Emerald Necklace be your ultimate accessory for capturing the essence of elegance and the art of fine jewelry.

The pieces are crafted in 18K White Gold and set with 0.054CT diamonds, high-end materials that allow us to reduce our environmental impact.

A collection that will make you want to wear diamonds anywhere, and anytime. Delight yourself and explore our wear-forever designs. Welcome to our L'mour de ma vie Collection.

The undeniable classic jewelry essential for every fashion “it girl”

Fair Pricing: we guarantee fair pricing on all our pieces.

Our Motto: We wanted choices, changes, the movements that allow us to travel to a dimension permanently and stay there. We wanted a new life, in a new world. To us that was freedom.


Material   18 Carat Gold 
Main Stone   Natural Emerald 0.35CT
Warranty  Lifetime
Diamonds   Natural Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 0.054Ct


Durable and sturdy: the most precious metal.
Environmentally friendly and socially responsible.
Certified raw material sourcing.


Standard orders are subject to a 1-2 day processing time (unless you have selected a nominated delivery service). Once your order has been dispatched you will be sent an email that contains your tracking number. 

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